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As you can see in the illustration below, the rage depicted is truly the embodiment of intense hatred, an extreme manifestation.

Many people perceive hate as nothing more than an uncomfortable feeling. However, it is not just a minor emotion; it constitutes a significant disturbance to the entire mental state, accompanied by an enormous release of cortisol. Merely by looking at the picture, mental and personal indicators reveal excessive aggression that could lead to an attack.


It is well-known in medical literature that individuals in a state of rage and hatred are susceptible to heart attacks, as well as other mental problems such as anxiety, often an initial sign of depression. Approximately 50% of all mental diseases, including suicide and homicide, manifest as a desire to harm oneself or others.


Some suicides can be considered unintentional and are caused by an extreme level of hate and anxiety. The first step in overcoming hate and anxiety is to eliminate the root cause.


Everyone should decide to make changes and learn to ignore things that bother them. Ensure you eat regular, timely, and proper meals, and aim for a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night.

Consider taking a sauna every other day with a minimum temperature of 140°F (60°C). The primary role of the sauna at 140°F is to increase blood supply to the entire body, especially the brain. This can alleviate feelings of anxiety or hate, stop coughing, open sinuses, improve respiration, enhance sleep, prevent nose leaks, headaches, and relieve joint and muscle pain. Sauna sessions also help with sore throats, stuffy noses, improve appetite, eliminate up to 30% of body toxins through perspiration, aid in flu and corona recovery, potentially contribute to cancer prevention, reduce body weight, and improve the function of all organs, particularly the lungs and heart.


Do not take cold shower due to body need to keep staying high temperature for additional 1 hour.

dr netter rage.jpg


We do cure hate in a pleasant way.

Example: "If you turn down the radio, I will play tennis with you."

That is positive reinforcement, something we should all practice daily within our families. To understand why we should combat hate, view Dr. Netter's photo of rage.

Rage affects our entire body by production of aggression hormones.

What happens with our adrenal gland during rage?

During anxiety and stress, adrenaline, cortisol and nor adrenaline skyrocket. This leads to the fight-or-flight response, resulting in crimes with severe damage to your own body, homicide, and more:

  • Fear

  • Excitement

  • Anxiety

  • Increased heart rate

  • Increased blood pressure

  • Increased testosterone

Stress hormones stimulate the left hemisphere of the brain, causing damaging effects on our cardiovascular system with low serotonin level. Being angry over trivial matters, a syndrome of helplessness and hopelessness, can lead to depression. Interestingly, depression and anger often accompany each other.

Whom to blame? Perhaps, the mother did that to her father.

If you don't want the same to happen to your kid, practice tolerating small things. By ignoring it, remember,it is not end of world.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps to learn new patterns and forget old ones, relieving depression.

We shall remember that too high cortisol can increase heartbeats, tachycardia.

Irregular heart rate can cause cardiac arrest, resulting in death. Surprisingly, every year there are 800,000 cardiac arrests. Every 20 seconds, someone dies from heart attack.

What should we do to prevent sudden cardiac death? Every time someone makes  unpleasant statement, my simplest answer "it is not him (her) to blame, but the parent who did not educate their children."


We all must strive to change for the better. Speak nothing but positive words.


Search, listen, find model, and copy, or imitate same or similar.

Will Roger, a movie star, comedian, novelist said:

- No matter how much rich you are, if you don't have a friend, you are poor.

-  Do not let your possessions possess you.

- I never met person that I did not like.


We shall be happy to have real good tennis partners, dance partners, golf partners. We all love to: hug the champion, shake hands.


Loosing a sports partner dreams to play the champion.


We all shall apply that routine.

When President Obama received the Nobel Prize, Congress received about $860 million in donations. I love and admire people spreading fame, good news, and good things. Many pleasant people influence everyone around them.

Just to mention few:

- Bruce Springsteen made $50 million just for one song: "We are the world."

- Michael Jordan the best basketball player of all time.

- Tiger Woods makes an average of 200 million annually for playing golf and endorsements.

- Alfred Nobel, a wealthy scientist, grants the Nobel Prize annually since 1901..

- Agasy provides training and education for 10,000 children.

- Federer supports 10,000 children in Africa.

- Edison, Tesla, Einstein.

- A billionaire in South Arabia hired a secretary to donate $1 million every day to a big line of people.


If we treat everybody well, we will receive the same. If you smile at someone, you will receive an instant smile back.




It is a give-and-take, contributing to Congress. Congress decided to limit employment length, giving a chance to new workers to work in the White House..

You have your children in school, you pay for food and necessities; is that all?

On the Fresh Air radio station, a speaker, a doctor, asked a question: 'What do you do for your children?' Most parents replied: 'We raise children.' The doctor responded: 'Wrong.

You raise dog, you raise a fruit tree, but you teach your children, train them to do some household tasks, play sports with them, and find a match partner. If they lose a game, say: 'It just happened that you lost the game, but with practice, you will win next time. Practice makes perfect. You played really well. Speak nothing but positive words.

How does child learn manner. Parents will do that, not with a dictatorial voice. Speak softly and explain to the child with a gentle voice.

All parents should treat their children gently by doing only 4 things:





Your children will speak softly, hug you, kiss you the same way you did it from day one of their life, 100%.


After detailed analysis of DR Nether rage (hate) photo described above, we are all ready to train our self to skip hate filling. All you learn, life-threatening hate danger.


Hear, all of you, if you do too much analysis you will get your mind paralysis, if it:

Sounds good

Looks good

Feel good

Go for it!


I swear, these three items I use every day, made me rich.

During 6 continents of my journey, I found and purchased a little book about 60 pages for only $1.25 for easy studding and exam strategies.  I made over 1 million profit. I tape recorded part of the book by the Radio announcer and added to my package of about 60 hours tape recording package, vent globally viral. The book with audio tapes  was sold for $3,500 per package. I was on the list of the bestseller of the year on Yahoo search engine.


Many of our non hate members  will be able to purchase product from our members with 5% membership discount. Soon we will provide you list of numerous member stores that will provide you 5% discount. Providing all our members stick with only 4 requirements which I applied through out my life.

These 4 requirements kept me in the same business for 35 Years:

1. Honesty

2. Caring

3. Respect

4. Responsibility

This site is your garden that you will visit frequently. And see guidance, directions of non-hate:

Anywhere you go whatever you do remember once sign in non-hate US Association Cure Hate you promise that will tell compliment to anybody any kind moment like: I like your posture, you are like Athlete; you have nice hair; I like your dress; you are a nice driver you are a good student; I like your store; you have nice car. Every time you speak to anybody, speak with smile, one smile is worth 1000 words. For any problem, ask with smile. Some people smile with no reason. I prefer to say anything with smile, so say and smile SS member. If someone cries or gets hart, say I am sorry and smile. If someone says bad to you, think is not him or her to blame, is his parents and teachers didn't give him proper guidance. If someone gives a traffic ticket say sorry and smile I didn't see traffic sign. I smiled and police officer did not give me a ticket. When father tells me something bad, I smile and say you are my only father, I know you love me.


We firmly say all our services are free, but once you make progress using our service. I am sure many millionaires and billionaires will be our members too. I am sure many of them will be our sponsors and contributor. From all contribution we will build on 20 acres center with sport recreation with free learning center for sport and business, free for all our Cures Hate members.

Members please check our web for directions for cure and prevention of all heart problems arrhythmia ,Cancer , viral and bacterial infection. Once again, remove hate from entire life menus to prevent life tragedies. Recent British medical association found out anxiety and depression is the commonest global mental disease.



Fate is development of events beyond a person’s control determined by supernatural power.

Aristotle was rated as the smartest man on this planet.

 If you step in river in one place you will not be able to step in river again at same place,”Panta rhei” means everything is running everything is changing. My friends when we all agree to change, we will all get rid of anxiety, stress, hate by following only 4 rules:

     1. Caring

     2. Respect

     3. Responsibility

     4. Honesty

I will use the simplest analogy to take you to the stage of fate.

If anyone hates somebody or something, they should find reason for hate.

First, God saying “know yourself, find reason for hate and remove it.

Example: Late in night I found message online that Hollywood water company wrote shut off warning that I am delinquent for payment of water bill payment in my fourplex. I hate that message and water company.

I was figuring it out if I should sleep and make payment in the morning. I did not want to take chance to get water shut off before I woke up from my bed because my tenants may say that I am not caring and that I am not responsible person therefore I paid my water bill immediately. My anxiety and water company hate disappeared instantly.

If water was tuned off my tenants would have said that I am disrespectful and dishonest.

We can notice that anxiety, hate stress, depression, rage, insomnia, overeating or loss of appetite, nerve break down total disaster. If anyone insult me, I ignore it thinking that behavior is due to lack of education from parents and from school.

I don’t get anything by arguing in fact argument leads hate and anxiety that stimulates cortisol and other harmful hormones secretion which could lied to high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer.



Example: You received a speeding ticket, reacted with anger and hostility towards the officer. Your spouse became upset with you for arriving late to dinner. The house is without electricity due to overdue payment.

Reply: It is not the end of the world. Practice forgiving yourself and others. Pay your electric bill and traffic ticket. Then you will have a good night's sleep and beautiful dreams of fate. If you have a long list of errors, keep working on resolving them, and your anxiety will automatically dissipate..


Thank you for: caring, respecting, honesty and responsibility. This is under control.


We all shell stick with more frequent healthy eating habits, including snacks such as fruits and vegetables. Get regular sleep and take napes if you are tired. Upon waking, immediately work on your list of tasks. Any form of work will help prevent anxiety.


Some people postpone fixing daily tasks. Even delaying tasks for only a few days can lead to stress, hatred, insomnia, headaches, and depression, with increased secretion of cortisol. This is an underestimated dangerous stage that can lead to nerve breakdown and dangerous activities not typically controlled by the brain.


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