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by the American medical association there are 800 000 strokes every year.


        Majority of strokes are due to SILENT stroke is caused by necrosis of brain or heart tissue due to inadequate blood supply, which is mainly seen in patients with heart arrhythmia such as atrial fibrillation.

          Cardio version she'll be done after 3 PT INR BLOOD Test except paroxysmal a. fib.

        Make sure no to wait, American heart association states:

Prolong waiting will cause:

1. stoke

2. myocardial infarct

3. cardiac arrest

4. death

5. Long WAITING makes more difficult cardio-version.

Every 4th person of 80 or after gets storoke mainly due to silent type of stroke, so tell your doctor to schedule ELECTRO cardio-version ASAP.

        Every year there are about 500 000 new cases of A. FIB and every year dies about 400 000 of A . fib.

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        There are millions of illnesses preventable. Follow me on Facebook, later I will provide details how to prevent death. I am author of the textbook preventive medicine and biostatistics.




What you should do to keep a regular beat and avoid arrhythmia, including atrial fibrillation?

1. Drink enough fluids – 60 ounces a day

2. Eat meals regularly

3. Take supplements

4. Cut down gluten

5. Exercise daily

6. Avoid stress

7. Avoid alcohol, coffee, energy drinks and drugs

8. Choose food with low fat and cholesterol, like skim milk, fat reduced cheese, stay away from fatty meal

9. Manage your blood pressure (normal or close to normal)

10. Avoid or treat any inflammation

11. Avoid diabetes and lungs diseases

12. Avoid too cold or too hot/humid weather

13. Avoid snoring

14. Make sure you sleep enough and have a regular pattern of sleeping

15. Avoid heart attack

16. Avoid any mouth or throat infection to prevent damages to the heart valves

17. Treat overactive thyroid glands

18. Avoid stimulants medication, tobacco

19. Treat sleep disorders

20. Avoid having lung or kidney diseases

I was a medical professor for 30 years and managed many atrial fibrillation.


If you have any improvements after using any of our technique, please let us know or give us your comment

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