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Deep body penetrating infra dry ray or one hour steam exposure is highly effective therapy for cancers, including viruses and bacteria.

149F or 65C degree kills microbes in 5 minutes; 140F or 60C degrees for 20 minutes Thermotherapy kills viruses, bacteria, cancer cells and fungus causing no harm to the human body. U.S. National Cancer Institute, NCI, originally published that thermotherapy effectively cures cancer.

The World Health Organization, WHO, contested that high temperature kills all microbial world including all viruses bacteria, fungus and cancers. That is why we successfully sterilize 100% all medical instruments used for surgical procedure.

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, South Florida NCI Clinical Cancer Center, Chicago University Center, UCLA University, they all agree that high temperature can cure numerous diseases.

In addition thermotherapy cures:

Uni-polar and bipolar depression, anxiety, insomnia, alcoholism and high blood pressure, obesity, rejuvenate of entire body, dilates blood vessels and increase excretion of body toxic substances, improves appetite and adds muscle tonus with increase entire body power.

We provide free thermotherapy for any cancer, viral and bacterial pneumonia, also we offer cure for corona or delta exacerbation in exchange for small contribution to Washington Congers Center by Zelle to 561 808-5588, by PayPal to , or write check to the U.S. Treasurer, White House, Washington Center, P.O. Box 3059, 401 S. County Rd, Palm Beach, FL 33480

Schedule thermotherapy thru our email, write down desired date, we will notify you available date in Palm Beach, Delray Beach or Hollywood, Florida.

Here are the requirements to have a successful cure by thermotherapy:

Before you start thermotherapy, you need to bring with you:

1. One bottle of water – you will lose a significant amount of fluids during perspiration. You need to drink water to avoid dizziness.

2. Towel – to wipe face to avoid sweat in the eyes.

3. Thermometer – to measure the temperature of the room, to know when you reach the minimum temperature of 140 degrees, so you can start timing with your watch.

4. Watch – You must stay a minimum of 23 minutes. Use the watch to keep track of time.


During thermotherapy, if you have a sore throat or running nose, breathe through your mouth and nose. If you have a cough, breathe through your nose, counting to 100, slowly breathing in and out.

Do not walk out of the sauna to take a cold shower. Stay in the sauna continuously minimum 23 minutes to kill bacteria and viruses. But if you want to cure cancer, you should stay much longer, if your body can handle it without being uncomfortable.

After you finish your thermotherapy, you may take a shower with warm water only.

Take a hot drink and take some salty snack.


I promise to  frequently provide you with very useful health information factors so that you will remember to vote for me for US congress next year.


1. Rice: If left too long after cooking, it produces spores that can cause poisoning. Remember to freeze it after cooking.

2. Oil: Do not let it smoke during cooking. Grape seed, flax seed oils constantly heated, become toxic. These toxins can be linked to heart disease, stroke, Parkinson's disease and cancer.

3. Potato: If left out of the fridge for more than a couple of days, can cause botulism and green colored potato below the skin; in this case, remove the green part of the potato, otherwise you can get headache and fatigue.

4. Chicken: Undercooked chicken can cause salmonella infection. Chicken meat has more protein than red meat. If you store it in a fridge, reheat only the portion you will eat, do not heat the whole amount. Salmonella causes stomach ache and nausea. If you store it in the fridge immediately after cooking, you should be safe.

5. Eggs: Undercooked eggs can cause salmonella and if you eat raw eggs, make sure you buy organic ones.

6. Mushrooms: Wild mushroom is dangerous. It can cause death if consumed.

Toxic components accumulate in our body, producing cancer:

Popcorn baked in oven

Burnt bread toast

Burnt meat or marshmallow – can cause nerve damage or cancer. If you burn it, throw it.

Hummus dipped baby carrot –as soon as you chop it down, malt Nina bacteria converts nitrates to nitrites – which is anti-inflammatory and increases blood flow when it is needed. It is good for the heart. Too many nitrites is cancerogenous. Leftovers must be discarded immediately. High sources of nitrates: Celery, turnip, beats, leaf greens, leeks, cabbage, fennel,

Eggs: as in cookie dough with flour can increase incidents of infections by salmonella and e.coli.

Lobster and chicken, the best way to eat is fresh, otherwise they might have bacteria, causing infection if not cooked properly.

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