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As you can see, the rage illustration in the picture below truly embodies the essence of rage. It represents an extreme form of hate. Many people perceive hate as nothing more than an uncomfortable feeling.


However, it is not just a minor issue; it profoundly disturbs the entire body mentally, leading to an enormous release of cortisol. Just by looking at the picture, one's mental and personal disposition shows excessive aggression that could escalate into an attack. It is well-documented in medical literature that individuals experiencing rage and hate are at risk of heart attacks, along with several other mental health issues. Anxiety, often an initial sign of depression, accounts for 50% of all mental illnesses, along with suicide, homicide, and self-harm.


Everyone should make the decision to change and learn to ignore things that bother them. Maintain a regular eating schedule with nutritious food and ensure a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night.

Additionally, take a sauna every other day with a minimum temperature of 140°F (60°C). The primary role of the sauna at this temperature is to increase blood supply to the entire body, especially the brain. This practice will alleviate feelings of anxiety or hate, stop coughing, clear sinuses, improve respiration, enhance sleep, alleviate headaches, relieve joint and muscle pain, soothe sore throats and stuffy noses, improve appetite, remove up to 30% of body toxins through perspiration, fight against illnesses such as flu, coronavirus, and cancer, reduce body weight, and improve the function of all organs, particularly the lungs and heart.t.


Avoid taking cold showers as the body needs to maintain a high temperature for an additional hour.

Professor Ljubo Skrbic, MD

dr netter rage.jpg


for details see:


We do cure hate in a pleasant way.

Example: If you turn down the radio, I will play tennis with you.


That is positive reinforcement. We all should practice it every day in our families. To understand why we should combat hate, see the photo of rage by Dr Netter.

Rage affects entire our entire body through the production of aggression hormones.

What happens with our adrenal gland during rage?

During anxiety and stress, adrenaline, cortisol, and noradrenaline skyrocket. This causes the fight-or-flight response, leading to crime with severe damage to your own body, homicide, and more:


  • Fear

  • Excitement

  • Anxiety

  • Increased heart rate

  • Increased blood pressure

  • Increased testosterone levels

Stress hormones stimulate the left hemisphere of the brain, producing damaging effects on our cardiovascular system and lowering serotonin levels..

Anger over trivial matters, a syndrome of helplessness and despair, can lead to depression.

Interestingly, depression and anger often coexist.

Whom to blame? Mother did that to her father.

If you don't want the same to happen to your child, practice tolerance towards minor issues.

By ignoring it,  It is not end of world.


Cognitive behavioral therapy leads to learning new patterns and forgetting old ones to alleviate depression. We should remember that excessively high cortisol levels increase heart rate, leading to tachycardia. Irregular heart rate can cause cardiac arrest, resulting in death. Surprisingly, every year there are 800,000 cardiac arrests.

Every 20 seconds, someone die from heart attack. What should we do to prevent sudden cardiac death?


Every time someone makes an unpleasant statement, my simplest response is: it is not him (or her) to blame, but rather the parents who did not educate their children.

We all must change for better. Speak nothing but positive.


Search, listen, find models, and imitate same or similar.


Will Rogers, the movie star, comedian, and novelist, said:

- No matter how rich you are , if you don't have friend, you are poor.

-  Do not let your possessions possess you.

- I never met a person that I do not like.


We should be grateful to have real good tennis, dance, or golf partners. We all love to hug champions and shake hands.


Losing a sports partner means losing the dream of playing against a champion..


We should all adopt that routine.

When President Obama received the Nobel Prize, Congress received about $860 million in donations. I love and admire people who spread fame, good news, and positivity. Many pleasant individuals influence everyone around them positively.

Just to mention few:

  • Bruce Springsteen earned $50 million just for one song: "We Are the World."

  • Michael Jordan, the best basketball player of all time.

  • Tiger Woods makes an average of $200 million annually from playing golf and endorsements.

  • Alfred Nobel, a wealthy scientist, grants the Nobel Prize annually since 1901.

  • Aga Khan provides training and education for 10,000 children.

  • Roger Federer supports 10,000 children in Africa.

  • Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein.

  • A billionaire in Saudi Arabia hired a secretary to donate $1 million to a long line of people every day


If we treat well everybody, we will receive the same treatment in return.

If you smile at someone, youwill instantly recieve a smile back.



Congress will always help our citizens: ask, write, call, or come. During President Biden's inauguration, Congress was open to the public for three months, accepting any complaints.

It is give and take; contribute to Congress. Congress decided to limit employment length, giving a chance to other new workers to work in the White House.

You have your children in school, you pay for their food and necessities, but is that all?


On a fresh air radio station, a speaker, a doctor, asked a question: "What do you do for your children?" Most parents replied, "We raise children." The doctor responded, "Wrong. You raise a dog, you raise a fruit tree, but you teach your children. You train them to do household tasks, you play sports with them, you find them a match partner. If they lose a game, say: 'It's okay to lose sometimes, but you will practice and win next time. Practice makes perfect. You played really well.' Speak nothing but positive."

How does child learn manners? Parents will do that, not by using a dictatorial voice. Speak softly, explain to the child with a gentle voice.  

All parents should treat children gentle by doing only 4 things:





Your children will speak softly, hug you, kiss you the same way you did it, from day one of their life, 100%. It is a give and take formula.


Professor Ljubo Skrbic, MD

Author and publisher of 18 medical textbooks,

including 10,000 keywords, 400 mnemonics, and 500 exam studying strategies.


After a detailed analysis of Dr. Nether's rage (hate) photo described above, we are all ready to train ourselves to overcome feelings of hate. We have learned that hate poses life-threatening dangers.


Listen, everyone, if you do too much analysis, you'll end up with mental paralysis. But if it sounds good, looks good, and feels good, go for it!


During my journey across 6 continents, I found and purchased a little book about 60 pages for only $1.25 for easy studying and exam strategies. I made over 1 million in profit. I recorded part of the book with a radio announcer's voice and added it to my package of about 60 hours of tape recordings, which went globally viral. The book with audio tapes was sold for $3,500 per package, and I was listed as one of the bestsellers of the year on Yahoo search engine.


Many of our non-hate members will be able to purchase products from our members with a 5% membership discount. Soon, we will provide you with a list of numerous member stores that will offer you this discount, as long as all our members stick with the four requirements I have applied throughout my life.

These 4 requirementshave kept me in the same business for 35 years: honesty, caring,respect and resposibility

This site is your garden that you will visit frequently to find guidance and directions of non-hate.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, remember that once you sign in to the Non-Hate US Association Cure Hate, you promise to give compliments to anybody in any moment. For any problem, ask with a smile. Some people smile for no reason. I prefer to say anything with a smile, so say and smile, Non-Hate Association member. If someone cries or gets hurt, say, "I am sorry" and smile. If someone says something bad to you, think that it's not their fault, but rather their parents and teachers who didn't give them proper guidance. If you receive a traffic ticket, say sorry and smile, and if someone scolds you, smile and say, "You are my only father, I know you love me."


We firmly state that all our services are free, but once you make progress using our service, I am sure many millionaires and billionaires will become our members too. Many of them will be our sponsors and contributors. With all contributions, we will build a 20-acre center with sports and recreation facilities, along with a free learning center for sports and business, open to all our Cure Hate members.

Members, please check our website for directions on curing and preventing all heart problems, arrhythmia, cancer, viral and bacterial infections. Once again, remove hate from your entire life to prevent life tragedies. Recent data from the British Medical Association found that anxiety and depression are the most common global mental diseases, a finding confirmed by Norway's statistical data from a 10-year study of 19 million people.


When you notice any improvement, please write to us and describe it on our site
By signing up on our website, you will automatically become a member and receive a 5% discount at major stores. To make our Congress happy, consider contributing a little. Of course, for everyone, a $10 donation will suffice!

Here are the step-by-step directions on how to change hate to fate:

  1. Understand that fate is the development of events beyond a person’s control, determined by supernatural power.

  2. Acknowledge that change is constant, as illustrated by the saying "Panta rhei," meaning everything is running and everything is changing.

  3. Agree to change by adopting four essential rules:

    • Caring

    • Respect

    • Responsibility

    • Honesty

  4. Practice these four rules for a minimum of 7 days with a smile, and observe how they make you happier and more successful in business, and improve your relationships with friends and family.

  5. Guarantee to yourself that after one month, you will be addicted to practicing these four rules, as they have contributed to your wealth and will become your daily routine for life.

  6. Use a simple analogy to guide you to the stage of fate:

    • If you find yourself hating someone or something, identify the reason for your hate.

    • Remember the saying "know yourself," and seek to understand the cause of your hate.

    • Example: If you receive a late-night message from the Hollywood Water Company warning of a delinquent water bill payment for your fourplex, you may initially feel hate towards the company. However, consider the consequences of not addressing the issue promptly. Paying the bill immediately demonstrates caring for your tenants and responsibility as a landlord, alleviating your anxiety and hatred towards the water company.

    • Recognize that hate, stress, and anxiety can lead to various negative consequences, including insomnia, overeating, or loss of appetite.

  7. Choose not to engage in arguments or conflicts, as they only lead to increased hate and anxiety. Instead, attribute negative behavior to a lack of education and understanding.

  8. Practice daily routines to promote physical and mental well-being:

    • Eat regular meals on time

    • Maintain a consistent sleep schedule

    • Exercise daily

    • Avoid extreme temperatures

    • Stay calm

    • Stay hydrated, consuming a minimum of 6 teacups of liquid daily

    • Ensure adequate intake of minerals and vitamins.

By following these steps and incorporating these practices into your daily life, you can change hate to fate and experience a happier and more fulfilling existence.



Example: You received a speeding ticket, reacted with anger and hatred towards the officer, your spouse became upset with you for arriving late for dinner, and your house has no electricity due to delinquent payment.


Response: It is not the end of the world; practice forgiving yourself and others. Pay your electric bill and traffic ticket. Then you will have a good night's sleep with beautiful dreams of fate. Working on your list of errands will help alleviate your anxiety.

We should all stick to more frequent healthy eating habits, including snacks like watermelon, fruits, and vegetables. Ensure regular sleep, and if tired, take daily naps. Upon waking, immediately work on your list of tasks. Any form of work will help prevent anxiety.


Some people postpone fixing daily tasks, but even delaying tasks for a few days can lead to stress, hate, insomnia, headaches, and depression, with increased secretion of cortisol. This underestimated dangerous stage can lead to nerve breakdown and dangerous activities that are usually uncontrolled by the brain.

Millions of lives are lost due to hate.

So please sign in:


See the RAGE photo by Dr. Netter on our website.


Professor Ljubo Skrbic,MD.

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